Ajala Me….


I just discovered some weeks ago that the proverbial AJALA was actually a real person. Known for travelling a lot. Lol, I thought he was just a myth or fictional character. Needless to say, I love the man.

I love travelling so much. Maybe it comes from moving so much as a child. I never had issues with settling in a new place. I’m grown now and I would jump in a bus and go on a trip in a second. Or no, not a second. Just the amount of time it would take me to pack a bag.

I’m a FECAite. FECA is federation of colleges ex-students Christian association. We have a couple or so meetings every year in different parts of the country. They have greatly increased country-trotting.

Travelling does so much for the mind. The peace of being in a bus for hours, quietly looking out at some beautiful sceneries. The experience. The plantain sellers of Ondo. The ‘hand’ tower of Owerri. The tent and canopy makers on the Owerri-Aba road. The rest stops of Ore. The suya spot on the Enugu-Anambra road. The potholes….lol.

It’s not just what I see on the road. I saw a new dimension of women-bikers in Agbor. I love the cold dry weather of Jos. I’m in love with Delta state. I learnt for the first time that you could buy money at a wedding in Lagos. I love the plainlands of Nasarawa and almost all the states in the North. The Kufena mountain in Kaduna. Have I mentioned Erin Ijesa of Osun and Olumo Rock?

The list goes on and on. Beautiful places. Phenomenal practices and culture. Take out time to take a ROAD TRIP. Lol, do not jump on a plane and spend a week in a hotel. That’s nothing. Increase your knowledge, broaden your scope. Become an Ajala like me.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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