what strike did to me…

Hiya everyone! I’ve been away from this blog so long that I don’t even remember my introductory sentence, y’all can imagine! Anyways I was going through the documents on my mum’s laptop and I saw an article I wrote during the strike period in 2013. I didn’t even finish it and at the time, I was just doing it to kill time. Few weeks later, I started my blog and I totally forgot about the article. So thank God, I found it today and y’all get to read my unfinished article about what strike did to me… enjoy.


My name is Clandie George and I am a nineteen-year-old student of the University of Ibadan. Aha! Did I just say I am a student? You know, the people in my street would probably doubt that. You may want to ask why, well, it’s just because they have seen me at home for the past five months and I mean, what kind of student is always at home for five months in a row??? Moreover, we are not just talking about vacation months, we are talking straight school, intense-study, September-November included months here. So you see, I do not exactly live the life of any ideal student.

But then, thousands, if not millions of students are in a similar and if I might add, sorry state all over the country. Let me help you understand this a bit. Below is a normal day

  • ·         Wake up, clean up, devotion.
  • ·         Go to school, have yourself a couple of intense and stressful lectures
  • ·         Grab a snack and some water. Drinks if you can afford it.
  • ·         Go for more back-breaking lectures
  • ·         Head to church or home or whatever it is that you do in the evenings.
  • ·         Sleep, read, do your assignments or whatever it is that you do in the night.

Now, that is a normal student day. It’s not that boring ooh, but I’m a pretty boring person, you know, what they call triangular students, except that there is no library in my triangle (my parents must not see this). Below is what this beautiful day, (beautiful though we never stop complaining about it) has been reduced to;

  • ·         Wake up, clean up, devotion
  • ·         Eat a hearty breakfast
  • ·         Go back for the second round of sleep unlimited
  • ·         Wake up for a snack
  • ·         Watch some TV if there is power supply, if not, make visible attempts at reading a book. If you are the book type, you can actually use this time to enjoy reading a novel
  • ·         Eat lunch or grab another snack.
  • ·         Watch some more TV or go out and ‘flex’
  • ·         Eat a well ‘deserved’ dinner and go back to bed
  • ·         Check your weight two weeks later and it is up by a couple of kilograms (that word ‘kilogram’ is not one I like very much).

Like I said before, lemme add that it is not that boring. there are some few things I missed out due to my very exciting nature. My point is that in the face of all this, some of us, have decided to do something useful with our lives and make something out of this unnecessary, compulsory and very not called for holiday(I am not so sure that statement is grammatically correct). There is news of students learning trades of all sorts and creative arts. Just the other day on Facebook,(that’s the app that keeps your children on the internet more than you like or think they need.) a friend of mine was inviting us to what I’d like to call his ‘graduation’ from the school of barbing skills. Another friend, my classmate I might add, posted a picture of himself with a group of kids which he tagged ‘my kids in school’. He had gotten a temporary job to teach at a secondary school. Or a primary school. The point is that, he was teaching a group of kids and he was earning a salary (which is like the magic word for students like me who still receive pocket-money). I was happy for them ooh. Sincerely. Stop giving me that look.

On the other hand, some are not doing anything. They have wasted almost five months because they were listening to news reports, which all promised that school would soon resume. I am afraid I fall into this category. At first, I tried the chamber attachment thingy but it did not work. I traveled East where there was a better chance and begged my parents to forget me there but my mum would not hear of it. I came back with them to the West and continued the daily routine, which I so carefully outlined earlier. What I wanted to do was learn how to drive and tailoring so, I begged my parent to send me East. Just when I thought they had finally agreed, we heard news that school was going to resume unfailingly the next week. All plans were stopped. One thing led to the other, and we are back to square one. Plans are being made once again to send me East.

So there! that’s where I stopped that day. To cut the really long story short, I finally got my trip to the East, learnt some tailoring, went to my mum’s village for christmas and generally had a good time. Ironically, now, I’m facing exams in a few days and I want some very specially selected people to go on strike so that i have more time to read and… GOD FORBID!!! What am i saying? I’m so sorry, that was just a slip of the tongue. I would never wish or pray for such a thing now, would I?

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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