Hello great people! It’s been ages and I’ve kinda missed writing about all the stuff that’s been happening to me and all the lessons I’ve learned. some of them very happy and others, very sad. Sad as per, you know you’re learning but as you’re doing it, all you can do is cry.

Kk. where do I start from now? About a month ago, I travelled to Kogi and I think that is where all the absence ‘quanta’ started from. I travelled and Yours Truly left her phone in Ibadan. It was so not funny because I had a lot of work to do and I wanted to share my experiences here and I wanted to ‘whatsapp’ with my friends and I wanted to send some pictures to some people and I wanted to send some messages and I… Well I guess you get my gist. I wanted to do a lot of things and I couldn’t.Β  I went for a wedding and it was fun. From there I was supposed to go to a friend’s house. As if the fact that I was ‘phoneless’ was not enough, after feeling ‘fly’ and all with the beautiful wraparound skirt I got all the way from Nairobi, I discovered I was wearing my skirt the wrong way, as per inside out. I just wanted to die. In fact, I was practically praying that the ground would open and swallow me. Yours Truly had to wait till we got to the reception before she could put the skirt the right way. Hmmm! You never want to be in my situation that day, lol. I’m laughing now but that day I was truly mortified.

I got to my friend’s house. I went with another friend and thank God, we were able to find the place ( I hadn’t been there in about 8 years and without a phone to communicate, you should understand and even appreciate my wonderful memory). It was fun seeing them and I was there for a week. While I was there, my friend celebrated her birthday. Yours Truly even helped to make the cake and it was so beautiful. I was sad because I couldn’t take pictures.

The D-day finally arrived and I was to head back to Ibadan. That faithful day, I was too lazy to leave my bed so I ended up missing my flight. Oops! Sorry! I meant my bus. Did I say flight? Abeg ooh, no vex. It was a slip of the tongue (abi should I say fingers?). I missed my 7am bus and so I had to go to town kinda and look for another bus. I finally found one, but brothers and sisters, men and brethren, you will not believe that I payed an extra N2000.Β  2k! 2 whole k!! Can you believe that? The driver was now rough and the journey was no fun at all. I love travelling but I hated that journey! It was so bumpy.

I got back to Ibadan sometime around 6pm. a normal 30-minute or so journey to my house took about 3 hours. I got home by 9pm. I was vexed that day. It was really not funny. To make matters worse, I got home, only to discover that my house had been broken into. I didn’t know where to start from. Thank God, nothing was stolen. I was now wondering what the person was looking for. Thank God I was not around or I might have been telling a different story.

I got my phone back and trust, I had about 54 missed calls and only God knows how many messages. Didn’t know I was that much of a ‘celeb’. Two weeks later, towards the end of the month, I travelled again. This time I was going home. I got to Abeokuta and I dropped my phone in the cab.Β  Well, that’s where we are currently. Phoneless and the funny thing is that, the man with my phone is picking when my friends call and telling them that it’s a wrong number. My ‘whatsapp’ messages are even being delivered. Well, that’s all that has happened.

You know, most times I usually have a lesson after every post and it’s usually something I learned. Well this is a lesson, for y’all now, not me. That’s because I learnt it a long time ago. Kk, there is no need crying over spilled milk, and I seriously mean that. My mum was kinda surprised that I was crying and screaming bloody murder because I lost my phone. You think I shouldn’t cry? I mean a phone with about 1700 pictures worth of memories including my picture with ‘Flow’, the guy who sang ‘twale’, about 20 books, all the Laws and Acts I need for my current level of study, songs only God knows where I’ll get them again, videos, contacts, write-ups… I have a right to cry and scream but I also know that all the shouting I can do in this world will not bring back my phone. so peeps, quit crying over spilled milk. I’m not saying I’m a superwoman (y’all already know I cry over crushed snails and when my movie favourite dies), I actually felt really bad but well now, I’m trusting God and saving to get a new phone. The general idea is bigger and better.

So, there. For now, all my articles would be coming from a hired PC at an internet cafΓ© and that means I won’t be regular, unlike when I had my phone and I could whip up a new post in the middle of the night on my bed. Stay cool and stay blessed.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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