Hello, great people. It’s been a while. Happy new month, May Day and Worker’s Day. I’m so grateful to see this month and be free in it. Also today is my cousin’s birthday. I mean, what better way to start the month right?

However, what worse way to start a new month than to have the news of missing girls hanging over your head? For sometime, the news of these missing girls has been everywhere and well, it’s now stale. I keep asking myself, ‘How can such a thing become stale?’ but the truth is that it has really faded out.

These are girls whose sole crime was getting up and dressed in the morning and going to class to learn. To Learn! Not to steal, or fornicate or bully younger kids. Not to fight. Not to join cults. Not to sell their bodies. To Learn. I mean, shouldn’t I get scared? I have two younger sisters, one in secondary school. Shouldn’t I get scared? I mean, I’m a student. I just want to ‘stab’ classes and hide under the bed in my room. Shouldn’t I get scared? I want to get married one day and have daughters. Well, maybe not anymore. At least, that means less girls to threaten and abuse and kidnap!

What is going on in our Nigeria? What is going on in our Motherland? The land our fathers gave their lives for? The land they gave up their rights for. I really doubt all those fighting fathers did all they did so that in this present day, we would kidnap girls who went to school to make themselves better people. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The funny thing is that from where I stand observing, I can’t see what the Government is doing about it. Oopsie, pardon my poor sight and lend me a pair of glasses, will u? Over 200 girls are missing in your country and you are happily campaigning and what is your stupid excuse? ‘Well, it is in the North. Each man should fend for himself’ God forgive you! You should be very ashamed of yourself! What is the use of the whole ‘One Nigeria’? One Nigeria, my dog’s plate! When you want resources from another state, that’s ok, but when it comes to their problems, it becomes a territorial thing. #SMH!

Please, let us stand up for the truth. Let us stand for what is right. Celebrities outside Nigeria are calling for the return of these girls. We, whose sisters and daughters are missing, are celebrating anniversaries, getting married, sewing more ‘aso ebi’ and briefing our thugs for next year’s election. Meanwhile, a mother has been weeping everyday since her daughter was kidnapped, a father’s HBP(High Blood Pressure) has drastically increased, a friend can’t eat or concentrate and learn because each time she opens a book, she sees her classmates’ faces. Whole families, clans and villages are in mourning. What are WE doing about it? I believe in God and His Word and prayer and thats about all I can do. Are you doing something or it is not your business? If that’s what we think, then it is just sad. Pathetic

Abuja has just experienced another bomb blast. Hehehe, It’s kinda just starting. Maybe when we hear about bomb blasts in Abia, Imo or Ebonyi state, all those ‘conc’ Igbo states or very far western states, our eyes will be opened. Because right now, its obvious, that we can’t see.

I want to wake up in the morning and go out without fear in my heart. I want to see my sister going to school without fear. I want my country to be peaceful. I want my sisters everywhere to be free to learn, regardless of race, religion or any other barrier made by man.

Most importantly, I want my sisters back. #returnourgirls

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. Chioma.. I need to get bodyguards for you o…who knows…..some albinos might b targeted next… lol


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