Snails and I.

Hello, people! Happy palm sunday! Hope y’all went to church and got your palm fronds and you know, did the whole palm sunday ‘thingy’. That’s what it’s all about, Jesus and the triumphant entry.

Hehehe, before I forget myself, I actually want to finish my earlier story on wasps and snails. Last time, I talked about the wasps and today, it’s gonna be about the snail. Let me just add that those silly wasps actually came back after my neighbour removed them. I entered the toilet today and saw that they had started ‘rebuilding the broken walls of their Jerusalem’. Yours Truly destroyed the walls again and she doesn’t feel bad about it. Not one bit!

Ok! About the snail. Where do I start? Well, it was night and there was no light. My phone battery was ‘weeping’ and I really needed to charge. So, I went to my neighbour’s house (they put on their generator most nights). I came out of my room and was on my way when I just heard a sharp cracking sound! I had just stepped on a beautiful snail going on its business ‘jeje’ (gently, and not disturbing anyone).

I can already hear the question y’all are asking… So, ‘kini big deal?’ What’s the big deal right? Well, let me explain. I care about some really weird things, snails included. I feel bad if you cut a flourishing tree or kill an animal for no reason (I seem to have lost all feeling for chickens however, though i’m still in awe when I see their chicks). So, for somebody like me, somebody who takes her time when walking to move snails out of the way so that they would not be stepped on or run over by a car, for this kind of somebody to step on snail, men and brethren! Brothers and sisters, that is a big deal!

I stepped on this snail, totally crushing its entire shell and when I realized what I had done, I felt so bad. I was almost in tears, my eyes became misty and I just kept on saying, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ Trust me, it wasn’t funny. I picked this snail, it was already trying to hide but I mean, where could it hide? I had destroyed its shell. I even started praying that God should work a miracle and reshell it, you know that kind of stuff, but nothing happened, so I left it there, in front of my room.

You remember that I was going to charge my phone? I finally got myself and went to my neighbour’s house to charge and in the ‘less-than-a-minute walk it took me to get there, two things hit me. Hehehe, it seems I’m always learning stuff in twos right?

The first lesson I learnt started with a reminder that I do not normally feel the way I was feeling when I step on my sister’s feet or toes. Or mistakenly hit her or push her. Whatever. The point is that, here I was, feeling so bad that I stepped on a snail and I didn’t feel that way when I did something to somebody, a human being. Even if I didnt crush the person’s shell. I mean you dare not touch some people’s dogs or cats or rats! Yet they do not think anything about hurting a human being, the one God created in His own image.

The second lesson kind of comes from the first one. Many times we focus on the minor and forget the major and as I like to say sometimes, we make the electives compulsory and the compulsory elective. From the first lesson, we can say that the minor is the snail and the major is my sister. God will not judge me on how I treated a snail but He’s very concerned about how I treat my sister. Also, some of us want to kill ourselves with church activities and our personal relationship with God is nothing to write home about. These are just examples. We know other aspects of our lives where we focus on the minor.!!!!!!!!

So there! Abeg, let us stop ‘major-ing’ on the minor and put first things first. I still care about animals and all that but then, each time I hurt somebody, I will remember the snail and treat the person better. At least I’ll try to because as we all know, there are some people that just make you want to scream, Arrrggghhh!!!!

Well, about the snail, by the time I came back from charging my phone, it was already surrounded by some very huge soldier ants and a few sugar ones. Gosh, y’all needed to see those ants. Speaking of ants, I may write on them next. I mean, they have a place in the bible, why not here? *winks* Have a lovely week ahead. Shalom.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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