Wasps, Snails and I.

Hello, jolly fellows! Happy wednesday. Hope y’all are good. I am. I happen to be done with my second year exams. If I don’t feel good, who will???

Well, well, well. I learnt two lessons on Sunday and I wanna share. The first lesson is about some wasps making themselves comfortable in my toilet and the second is about a beautiful snail I mistakenly stepped on. We’ll do the wasps today.

Some months ago, I noticed a wasp was building a nest of some sort on my toilet door. At first, I was always scared (my name is Deborah and it means bee or wasp but if I hear say I no avoid any insect in that family.) and I always kept my eyes there whenever I went into the toilet. After some time, I noticed that the wasp was always still, never moving and I stopped being scared. I thought it was dead. So the next time I was cleaning the toilet, I decided to remove the nest, bee et all. To my surprise, the wasp moved. It flew away. You can’t imagine my joy. It was finally gone.

Now, you can imagine how I felt when I entered the toilet the next week and behold! The wasp was back, building another nest. I must say, that I was impressed. You know, I was thinking all about animals and how most of them are usually persevere in all they do. This time, I decided to leave it. By the way, more often than not, it was still and didn’t harm anybody.

The next time my eyes went in that direction, I noticed something was different. The nest was bigger and the wasp looked bigger. No, wait a bit. It wasn’t actually bigger. Its wings looked longer. Wait a bit….. Incredible! It wasn’t bigger in any way, there was two wasps! The part of me that is half romantic ‘mumu’ (I mean that in a nice way, I only used that word so that nobody would have to wonder what ‘hopeless romantic’ means.) was already thinking, ‘wow, it got a mate’ and ‘two heads are better than one’ and what God has joined together’ and ‘can two work together unless they agree?’. Lets just say, I blessed the ‘union’ and left them, with no thought at all of chasing them away or destroying the nest.

The nest day, I went into the toilet and behold brethren! There were, not one or two wasps anymore, but four!!! At this point, I instantly stopped thinking any foolish thought about how a man needs a helper and I was thinking about the words of Jesus Christ. The part where he said that if you chase out a demon, it would go and call seven others, more wicked than itself and return to the house which has been cleaned!!!

Res ipsa loquitor is a phrase we say in law, meaning that the fact speaks for itself. I believe you can already tell the lesson I learnt from this wasps. Sin, is not something that goes away willingly and if care is not taken, one will fall even after he has been cleansed. After your house has been cleaned, the demon will come back with others more wicked than itself and try to get back in. Will you let it?

The second thing is that sin can be attractive and the devil knows where to get at you. If you leave sin, ignore it, it grows and expands its territory. So if you think you stand, be carefull lest you fall. While I was busy thinking how romantic it was that the wasp got a mate, it was busy gathering its army. As I speak, they are still there but Yours Truly is gonna get rid of them.

So people, get rid of the wasps in your life. Do not get carried away with their supposed beauty and let them build nests on your head, in your heart or wherever. Because when they attack you, hmmm! Na you do yourself ooh! Shalom!

P.S: Wasps are not sinful, no. I’m not saying any such thing. Neither are they symbols of the devil. They do sting anyways. Or so I think.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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