Soaked…Lessons from the Rain.

Lovely people! Hellooooooo! Its been quite sometime. Something happened today and despite me wanting to read (for that dreadful thing called exams), I just had to share.

So today, being the seventeenth day of the month of March, two thousand and fourteen, it rained. Yes, a very heavy rain from heaven descended to water the earth. And well, me.

You see, the thing that is so special about this rain is the way it gave me a ‘Chioma, think about your future’ beating. I was in church, I could see it brewing with heavy, dark clouds et all but I just thought it would ‘chill’ for me to get home. If I hear! I was still in church when it started dropping. Note; I didn’t say drizzling. I wouldn’t have gone out in a drizzle, not withouth some kind of protection for my expensive braids! I got to where I’ld pick a cab and it STARTED drizzling. I sent a special emergency message to God. He replied instantly and sent a cab immediately.

By the time, this miraculous cab got to gate, it was drizzling a bit harder. Hmmm. I just decided to brave it, since I would get a cab to my house anyway. Hia! I left the shelter and went to get a cab and then, see the rain falling in full force. As if that was not enough, I couldn’t see a single cab or bus. All the available vehicles were going to Bodija while I was heading towards Samonda! (sorry for the odd names, Ibadan peeps will get my point.)

I finally got a cab. And immediately I entered, what I thought was rain in full force became a drizzle in light of the one that started falling! Omo see rain! I got to my junction and to come out, (or should I say alight?) became a problem. My side was flooded. To cut the long story short, the driver did ‘shakara’ before moving forward so that I could come down. And you know what his moving forward meant? Taking me further away from my junction, increasing the distance I had to walk before I could get to shelter. He seemed to have noticed this because he now moved more than was necessary. I smiled sweetly at him and got down from his cab.

I walked to my junction and by the time I got there, I was soaked thoroughly. I got into a shed and planned how to get home, which was still about a 3 minutes walk away from the shed. I had a ‘clearbag’ with some forms. The forms got into my bag and the file was utilized as a covering for my ‘expensive braids’. I stayed there for some minutes and then got into the rain again.

The rain was so much so I stopped at another shed directly in front of my gate. While I was there, a car drove into the compound and didn’t even pick me! Can you imagine? I was so angry and then I discovered that the person might not even have seen my face.

It was still raining heavily but suddenly I just felt that I should go back into the rain and walk home. I instanly refused. As if to ginger me, i just remembered that a part of my ceiling was leaking. I didn’t need a second reminder to enter the rain!

But while in that rain, I learnt two wonderful things. I didn’t actually learn them, because I could teach comprehensive lessons on them in my sleep. I just had an experiential knowledge of them.

Lesson one; The peace of God passes all understanding. Hehehe, how on earth does that come out of being soaked right? I was walking in that rain and I wasn’t disturbed which is so unlike me. I just felt an unearthly peace. I felt that nothing in the world mattered as long as I had Jesus, I had God. Considering the fact that I’ve been having some issues with real peace, that lesson couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lesson Two: It is never about the physical. Hmmm! Immediately I got into the rain again, I knew it was not about my leaking ceiling. It had never been. God wanted me to see something and if it had to take me being in a crises to see it, then so be it! Being soaked is not crises ‘abi’? Don’t let me start on my expensive braids again!

The point is so many times, we focus on the physical, the here and now when God has his mind on better things. I was ready to miss such an important reminder from God just because of my hair. Now how’s that for myopic???

It’s never about the physical, the disappointments or your hair. Walk with God and let him take you in deeper! In the meantime, I need to dry my hair and get really ‘comfy’ in dry clothes and a warm bed. Shalom!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Published by clandie

Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. Chioma….. u! ‘expensive braids’???!!!…..puh.leez. but hope if I poured water on u, u would still feel the unearthly peace. hehehe…


    1. see me, see bad belle ooh! Yes! Xpensive braids! Ki lo de? Wat do u mean sef? If u pour water on me, trust me, i’ll reciprocate! #tongueout


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