Standing Out and Standing Tall.

Hello great people, happy Vals day, Hmmm! Hope y’all are enjoying today and feeling all the love in the air. I’ve recieved only-God-knows-how-many fliers today, inviting me for one love ‘ish’ or the other.

Well, I’ve been away for some time. My phone decided it was not in the blogging mood. Thank God, it’s back, #singing… ‘I’m in the mood, I’m in the mood. I want to write on something!’ hehehe.

So I wanna talk about standing out. And as usual something real happened and I just knew I had to write something on it. We wrote a test in my class and the next class, the lecturer decided to kinda review the questions and answer them. But first, she started calling us out and asking us to come and explain what we wrote in the test! And I was in group 1! Jeez! When I saw all my group members slipping out, I joined them.

Now I did this without thinking. All I knew at that point was that I didn’t want the lecturer to call me out. I really didn’t have much to say on the topic my group wrote on. So I joined the band wagon. I snuck out of class. Is that word ‘snuck’ correct? Too lazy to check a dictionary now.

Back to my gist, when I got outside, I was feeling good. You know, I had succeded in escaping. I felt good till I saw the people around me. Then I felt stupid. These were people, who didn’t give classes the kind of attention I gave to them. Note: I didn’t say they were bad people, just that we didn’t have the same values and under no circumstances did I want to ever be classified as someone with the same values as they had.

By this time, it was as if the other people in my group had noticed this and they just ‘jejely’ went back to class. We were three left. One guy, another girl and me. The guy told us to return to class and we refused, so he left. After some minutes, my girl friend was like, ‘Chioma, lets go back. I’m uncomfortable here’. And then she said something about not wanting to be seen loitering during a class. She wasn’t that kinda girl and she didn’t want anyone to think otherwise.

That was when it struck me. I was the last person in the group to ‘repent’. Why? I felt so bad. And I walked with my head down (mentally, if not physically) back to class.

Going with the crowd may be fun but trust me, unless it’s for good, it’s never worth it. And I realized it that day. People will always talk, ‘eeh! What is she now trying to feel like’ and all that but the mere approval of men pales so much when compared to the inner peace you get from pleasing God and doing the right thing.

Another thing is that some of us are willing to throw away whatever reputation we have just so that we can be ‘in’. Trust me, ‘in-ness’ doesn’t stay forever. IT FADES AWAY!

It’s not all about standing out. What about standing tall? Imagine somebody who keeps on saying, ‘I will not follow you to your night clubs’ and each time, asks the next day, ‘how did it go?’ or worse still, ‘I missed shee?’. Standing tall involves being proud of your decision to stand out and not sulking and pouting and complaining about how the decision is making your life boring. By the way, who says an outstanding life of standing out has to be any less fun than a jampacked life of joining the band wagon? Puh-leeze!

So get a life, yea. Live it to the fullest, double yea. Do what is right, not just by your standards, which are flexible but by God’s standards, triple yea! And enjoy a life of standing out and standing tall.

Happy Valentine Day!!!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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