Friends and Accountability.

Hello great people, wonderful day to y’all!

I have been talking about some of my friends and I really didn’t know who to talk about next. But then, something happened last week Friday and my crises was solved (Praise God!).

Secrets can be little foxes that spoil the beautiful vineyard of your life. I know some secrets are good, but I’ll call those ones surprises instead. I mean, who wants to keep a good thing secret unless it’s supposed to be a surprise??? So now, you know I’m talking about bad secrets.

Last week friday, someone said some really hurtful things to me. Indirectly. I snapped and was taking it out on everybody, frownin my face and looking like the Ice Queen. A beautiful one, I must add. *winks* I kept on feeling bad until I talked to two people. God and a good friend.

A problem shared is a problem half solved and when that problem happens to be a horrible secret, then sweethearts, I humbly recommend one or two friends whom you are accountable to. It works like magic!!!

My friend this week is a friend I tell things. Almost everything. Well, not almost everything but the things that really matter. I used to have some temper issues (well I sometimes get angry over nothing, but it’s so much less.) and I kept on feeling that nobody understood me and all that. It took some time for me to understand that if nobody understood, it was because, I wasn’t talking to anybody about it.

The advantages of accountability are too numerous to mention but I’ll talk about a few. Just two actually.

Now, I know that somebody understands me and that people are actually ready to help. Well, not everybody. I know that when I snap without thinking, I have somebody to scold me, and help me get through that period.

The second advantage I’ll like to discuss is the fact that when you know somebody knows about your problem, you try more not to do that thing. Especially when you know that you’ll have to spill to that person after the deed is done. So it helps because you won’t be too willing to have a bad report each time you speak to that person.

So, when somebody is really pissing me off (and trust me, some people can be very annoying!) and I’m about to blow, I remember this very wonderful friend of mine. Sometimes, I can even hear his voice, ‘Chioma, we both know you are better than this. What exactly is making you angry? Focus on the root and not on the tool’. Most times that’s enough to make me cool down.

It will do you real good to get a friend you can confide in. A friend like mine ( he’s not available for snatching!) you can tell your secrets before they choke you. Anger is just a minor one, there are serious ones that deal with immorality (I think immorality is the most common) and stuff like kleptomania.

PS: I just noticed that all the friends in my FRIENDS SERIES have been guys. I’m not cheating, my next article is gonna be about a girlfriend. Anticipate!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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