Friends and Freedom.

Hello, great people, happy marry-nesday. Hehehe, sorry, I meant, happy Wednesday.

This is the second article in my FRIENDS SERIES. This time, I’ll be gisting you guys about another friend of mine. This one, well, let’s just say he allows me to be me.

You know how you have some friends and you can’t allow them to see your phone, see you with your natural hair, see you without makeup. Or worst of all, catch you drinking garri!!! Then, there are others whom you can allow to see your natural hair, see your phone but certainly, never ever allow to catch you drinking garri.

But then there are some other friends whom you allow to see you in tears, broke, barefoot, and you let them come into your scattered room. That’s exactly the kinda friend this my special case study for today is.

I ask him for money when I’m stupidly broke. Or just plain broke. When he come to visit, I barely bother with presenting a very nice ‘TV dinner’ kinda meal. If I have prawn crackers, good. If I don’t, well, I give him water and my container of garri. With a special warning not to finish everything because if I let him, he can. And he probably will.

Enough about this very wonderful friend of mine, lemme ask, do you have friends like that? Or are you all uptight and tense when you are around the people you call your ‘paddies’??? You have to hang out with them and you’re too scared to wear your favourite blouse (or skirt or whatever) because they’ll just call it ‘churchish’ (or ‘mary-amaka’, I guess that’s the word) and ask you where on God’s green earth you got that rag from (Haa! Rag!! The blouse you saved your money to buy!!!). I mean what’s the point if you can’t be free around them??

True friends present freedom. They let you be you. They might ‘yab’ you a lot but when it comes right down to the basics, they know when to free you.

I was in one class the other day and we were dicussing fundamental human rights, rights to personal liberty in particular and my lecturer said some thing which struck me (funny how a lot of things seems to start ‘striking’ you when you start a blog and you are constantly in search of ideas!). According to a particular law (which I will not mention because of how bookish and ‘law-ish’ it sounds) he said, ‘personal liberty means freedom from restraint in one sense and in the other sense, freedom secured by the imposition of restraint’.

Sorry for how boring that may have sounded but I needed it in other to make my next point though I’m not using it in the same context as my lecturer. Not exactly anyway. I said earlier that friends let you be you. Now, friends do not only let you be you by always allowing you to just do your thing. They also know when the only way you can get real freedom is by stopping you from doing something. And of course, it will probably be something stupid.

So you see why I love this my friend and I’m using him as a case study. He not only lets me have my space but also, when he sees the need to not let me have my space (probably because I need it for something silly), he does what needs to be done.

So pals, find a great friend (like mine! *winks*) and see how having a good friend can mean so much more.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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