Friends and Reality Checks.

Happy monday great people (argh! I don’t like mondays!),

Hope y’all had a nice weekend. I had a very nice weekend but something really threatened it. However, thank God, it didn’t succeed. Lemme just give you a little gist of what happened and how it inspired my post (haa, something good came out of it, Praise God!).

I’ve got this friend of mine who is a graduate and in law school at the moment (for which he will not allow me to rest, just because he is a graduate and I’m not yet one! Haa!). Well, he came back for a few days and we decided to hook up. Hmmm, I saw this my friend and he was, well, all blown up. You know what I mean, like fatter et all and immediately, it just flew out of my mouth! The guy was busy protesting, ‘ eh you’re the only one sayin that’. Poor dude (he’s gonna break my head when he sees this! On my way to get a new helmet!), others were probably using ‘healthier’ in place of my rather blunt ‘fatter’! Mere Flattery! I just told him, ‘well, I’m your reality check’ and I meant it.

Now to what almost spoiled my weekend, he was really angry with me, something about me being kinda selfish (in his opinion and that was really difficult for me to write, I mean, i’m not supposed to wash my ‘dirty linen’ in public) and he took it upon himself to scold me. To cut the long story short, when I told him he was a bit biased because he was the only one making such complains, he just looked at me and said, ‘yea, I’m your reality check.’ (Note: I really didn’t appreciate his using my words back at me.). However, it did the work of putting my brain in motion.

What are your friends like? I mean, I obviously have one who thinks it’s his God-given duty to correct me when I’m being silly. And for real, I can imagine what life would be like if people (as excruciatingly annoying as they can be!) like him were not there. We would all dress up and walk with our heads in the clouds, thinking we were Cleopatra. Or Queen Elizabeth. Or worse still, a combination of both.

Finally, lemme end by saying that friends, true friends in this case, are supposed to be reality checks. You know, bring you back to earth when you are riding on the high of what you would like but what is not true. Note: I didn’t say they discourage you. No. They are not discouragers. Instead, they encourage you, amongst other things, to be a better you, which obviously is easier when you can relate better with the world around you. So there, make good friends, ones who will not hesitate to draw your ear when you’re being silly! Note; I wasn’t being silly, that’s just an expression! *winks*

Have a nice week y’all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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