Reading hurts…….or does it???

Good day beautiful people,
It’s a wondeful saturday morning and I’m thrilled to be alive. Hope you are too, because it is a wonderful priviledge.

Today, I just want to say something about reading and how much I love it. Hehehe, please ooh, I was talking about novels and story-books there, not school books or heavy legal material. Yea right, I’m a law student and I’m sure you all know all the hype that goes with the course. We are supposed to read 20 hours a day and all that. Well, I personally don’t care for reading school books so much.

However, reading is a necessary evil and we are all forced to do it. Unless of course, you don’t particularly care for knowledge or even just passing your exams. I’ll use myself as an example, i mean who better to use right?? Good.

I’ve got this test, albeit an annoying one, on Monday. On contracts. I’m supposed to read the whole topic but i’m going to answer just one question and the funny thing is that, I have absolutely no idea where that question is going to originate from. So, there I was turning the pages of my material and trying to store up some cases. I was also on facebook (not seriously though, and I was chatting with fellow law students!). We were talking about how boring reading can be and how sometimes all you just want to do is close the book and you know, do something more interesting like, sleep. My friend just said something which almost literally speaking, blew off the candle I was using to read. In a nutshell, by the time I was done with the conversation, I had some new information. The test was for five marks!

Five marks in a school like mine is a lot! But it wasn’t a good incentive to continue the kind of intensive reading I had been engaged in. And yea, I blew my candle off and went right to bed.

My point? Sometimes we need a strong incentive to read. Now that incentive could be marks, the thought of how proud you’ll be when you come out tops and so on and so forth. But for me, I think the best incentive is FUN. Fun??? Yea, fun. How on earth can fun be an incentive to read? And that successfully brings me to the part of how you must enjoy what you do. Or in this case, what you read.

I know that I’m beginning to sound like all this motivational speakers ‘yarning dust’ but the truth is that, the dust is actually gold dust. Or has flecks of gold in it. Whatever, the point is that, when filtered, you’ll find gold. I discovered that this was the reason why I never got bored with novels, no matter how boring the first five pages or chapters were. I knew there was something cool at the end.

So, brethren (I like that word a lot), that’s how it is for reading. If you enjoy what you’re studying, then reading it won’t and shouldn’t be so bad. Even the boring aspects of it. And trust me, I love law, but it’s got a lot of boring aspects like administrative and constitutional law, yuck! And that is just for 2nd year. Only God knows what I’ll face as I go higher.

Oops!!! Told u guys i had a test on monday and y’all let me stay here, talking, instead of reading. I just hope you discover that reading doesn’t hurt so much after all.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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Most loved daughter of a King. Lawyer and aspiring writer. Hair lover and everyday story teller.

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  1. I support SOG. But I’m more on the side of the impact what I know will eventually make in lives. I read to understand, no matter how trivial a course may seem. This motivates me to read beyond notes (when I have the time), to induce and deduce from information gathered and finally to be able to predict the most probable outcome of all that’s been obtained. You shld rightly guess (I’m science inclined). Well this makes me a teacher, if I may say. You can gather the knowledge, but I want to be able to explain in a lay man’s term what a thing means and how it can be applied. And, by so doing, impacting a life. Impact is what drives me to read.


    1. well i’m still of d opinion dat if u dont enjoy wat ur reading, its gonna be difficult. And i mean enjoy, as per the general idea and not just d immediate material or book in ur hand.


  2. Brethren this is interesting. I’ll add this to the knowledge from ‘3 idiots’ and see how far i’ll go. Nice write up


  3. Reading is surely good! And u’ve got to be motivated to read anytin..
    But here’s d biggest motivation u should have dat should spur u to read more: knowledge! As a student, ur motivating factor shudnt be marks, dat shud be secondary.. Ur primary motivating factor shud be acquiring knowledge which in turn is power!

    So dear, d next time u wanna read ur law books, dont let marks decide d intensity of ur reading; let reading to acquire knowledge be d motivator.. And plssss dont yuck any course in particular.. U dont wanna end up being a half-baked lawyer!! Sounding like big daddy right? Pardon me, d truth must be chipped in atimes..

    Nice blog!


    1. I’m all for reading because of knowledge but u know, sometimes its not enuf motivation. Dont u eva feel like dat?? Btw, we’re almost saying d same tin, *winks*. I neva said marks were my incentive for reading. Dey play a role all right, but i’ll be semi doomed if they played the major role.


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