Its a whole new year…..with the resolution ritual.

hello great people!!!
I think the first thing I should officially say is Happy New Year!!! Oopsie!! I can already hear it already, ‘girl, it’s already 10th january!!’ but who cares?? As far as I’m concerned the year is still new until (at least!!) the 31st day of a year with a minimum of 365 days. So once again, Happy New Year.

I’ve been talking to some people and as usual, I’ve started to get that ‘lazy’ feeling I get by new year. It’s not that I’m lazy, but when everybody is talking about new year resolutions and you’ve got nothing to say, I mean nada, then that feeling creeps in. I’ve heard d common ones like, ‘I’ll read more this year’, ‘I wont sleep so much this year’ (that one is my personal favorite.), ‘I won’t talk so much this year’ and all that. I’ve also heard some really peculiar ones, which were also so touching. Some like ‘I would be a nicer person to kids and old folks this year.’, ‘I’ll help better at home this year’, and the likes.

I’ve got to say that I have nothing against new year resolutions. I even make some similar statements on my birthday, which is my personal new year. Statements like, ‘I will not worry about my face this year’ and then the next one goes something like, ‘I would be a cuter person this year’. However, the question I like to ask myself is ‘is this just the normal ritual?’ or am I really concerned about making a difference this year in my life and that of others??

For those who do the resolution ‘thingy’, it should be out of a deep burden or concern to be better and not just because, u feel lazy like me and you want to have a ready ‘word!’ when your friends are talking. No, its so much more. Resolution means a strong determination to do or achieve something. Now, are you really determined to achieve what you said at the beginning of the year? That’s something you should really think about.

With all that I’ve said earlier, I dont want you to think I’m not balanced, so lets go to the part of people who are really truely determined to do or achieve their goals and yet, by the end of the year, they still have that goal as a goal and not an acheivement. I know there are people like that. Let me also add that, if you are the type who, by the end of febuary, March, April, June or July, has forgotten about their new year resolution, then in my opinion, you fit into the category of those who see this stuff as a mere ritual. These set of people who are really determined, well, I can’t say I know exactly what the or their problem is. For some, they never had the means and for others, the opportunity.

One needs to know that part of being really determined is going out of your way and leaving your comfort zone. So don’t lie on your bed or go about life normally and then say at the end of the year, ‘I never got the chance’. Stand up and look, no, search for the chance! You will find it. And it doesn’t end there. Some find the opportunity and then, they take it for granted. Of all things to do!!! Please, neva take an opprtunity to do something better or learn something new for granted. God might just decide to do the whole ‘opportunity comes but once in a lifetime’ thingy for you!! Some would now be so silly as to sit down there and believe in second chances. I believe in second chances too. That’s not wrong, but too let first chances slip away due to negligence or laziness on your part, all because you believe in second chances, now that’s a first class wrong!!!

Finally, I’ll just like to say that It’s a whole new year. Your first new year resolution should be not to turn resolving to do something new each year into a mere ritual. And i pray that God gives you both the means and the opportunity to make a change. And that you are not too lazy to take it!

Ciao, ClandieChi.

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  1. I want to think of it as New Year Revolution, like from the word ‘revolve’, or shall we call it ‘resvolution / resovolution’ so the ‘change for the better’ thing rings harder in our minds


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